Many of our community have come from a home office in the local area and have found the benefits of Hills HQ to be:


Working from home is convenient at first, but meetings with clients becomes awkward quickly. You either need to be comfortable with inviting them into your home, or you spend a lot of time meeting in noisy cafes. First impressions count and having a professional meeting space and your logo near the door (for permanent desks and private offices) adds to the creditability of your business.


The home office may suit you just fine while your business is small, but if you want to employ more than just yourself is your business able to continue to operate from home? Do you have space? Do you want employees in your home? Will you attract the best staff in that environment? Hills HQ has multiple private offices and open workstation places available for you to grow into as you need them. Office space is no longer a reason to miss an opportunity that allows your business to grow.


Grow your professional network organically by engaging with your fellow co-workers who are all local to the area. Casual interactions around the coffee machine is a much more comfortable way to connect with people then awkward networking events, and you never know there may be opportunities for your businesses to work together or for you to be recommended onwards to friends, family and clients of your fellow co-workers.


Working from home can be fraught with distractions. There is always something that needs doing (or not doing) around the house and it is easy to find yourself spending more time away from the desk then at it. Having a place to ‘go to work’ gives you a greater impetus to get work done.


Commercial leases are typically a minimum three-year commitment – for small business how do you know if it will still be suitable for you in three years’ time? Hills HQ only requires month by month commitment for permanent positions offering you complete flexibility.


Managing cashflow is critical to any business, at Hills HQ all your rent, electricity, water, gas, heating, cooling and internet costs are included in the monthly prices, so there are no unknowns waiting to surprise you.


We all live in the Dandenong Ranges because we love the natural environment, laid back and stress-free lifestyle. Commuting into the city is taxing on time and energy so why do it every day? By working closer to home, you are getting hours back in your day and the office is within 500m of Tecoma station if you ever need to go in.


We all know electricity and internet supply in the hills can be variable at best. Hills HQ have commercial grade connections and will be available when your home services go out.